Main theme: Geometry. Type of activity: Craftsmanship- big mural of the painting. Materials needed: cardboard of different colors, compass, ruler, scissors and glue.

Describe the process to your students. First of all children look at the painting and observe different details. In turns they talk about all the players they can see: how many people there are, what they are doing, the position of their arms and legs, the colours,…finally students identify the type of geometric figures used in the painting. Then, in pairs children choose one of the characters of the painting. They have to count how many different rectangles they need to create him/her and the colour of each part of the body. The next step is to draw and cut the head on cardboard by using a compass. All the heads will have the same diameter: 10 or 12 cm.  Once they have cut the head, they have to measure and draw the body (a rectangle) in proportion by using a ruler. That is, the length will be three times the head, and the width will be twice the diameter of the head. The same process of proportion is repeated to draw and cut the legs. Finally, as children finish their character we stick them on a big piece of continuous paper following the model of the painting. 


Autoría: Mª Victoria Meseguer

Tema: Ciencia

Fecha: 24/05/2017

Idioma: Español

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Varvara Fedorovna Stepanova
Jugadores de billar, 1920
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